Can Bal

Hi, I'm Can! 👋

I am an Engineering Leader, Angel Investor and a Software Engineer based in San Francisco. I specialize in building 0-to-1 products that can scale to millions of users.

At the moment, I am in the process of starting something new. If you are building anything cool via LLMs, especially if you are interested in AI evaluation, I'd love to hear from you!

Previously, I led the engineering and design organizations at Edge Delta (a Series B Observability startup).

Before Edge Delta, I was a backend tech lead at Twitter. I was on the foundation team of Twitter Spaces and Community Notes, and built them from the ground up.

Before that, I was researching novel 3D video compression algorithms for my PhD thesis at University of California, San Diego.

When I'm not working, I go on hikes with my darling Shikoku dog, 3d-print things, attempt to make furniture, practice latte art, and collect antique hand planes.